Yo Mama's Jokes


Yo mama so fat she influences the tides.
Yo mama's so fat jokes

Yo Mama so Fat

Yo mama tips the scales! Check out these jokes about everbody's favorite obese woman.

Yo Mama so Stupid

Yo mama fails the IQ test! Discover just how stupid yo mama really is!
Yo mama's so stupid jokes

Yo mama's so old jokes

Yo Mama so Old

Yo mama older than a dinosaur. Find out just how old yo mama is.

Yo Mama so Ugly

Yo mama must have hit every branch when she fell out of the ugly tree! Take a look and see how ugly this girl can get!
Yo mama's so ugly jokes

Yo mama's so poor jokes

Yo Mama so Poor

Yo mama couldn't afford anything as expensive as the dollar menu! Check out yo mama's money woes!

Yo Mama so Dirty

Yo mama might be mistaken for a garbage truck when she walks down the street! Find out where yo mama got that awful stink!
Yo mama's so dirty jokes

Yo mama's so tall jokes

Yo Mama so Tall

Yo mama's always got her head in the clouds! See how tall yo mama can be!

Yo Mama so Short

Yo mama always has people tripping over her! Discover how tiny that woman is!
Yo mama's so short jokes

Yo mama's so bald jokes

Yo Mama so Bald

Yo mama's got a head so shiny you can see yourself! Hear more about this bald girl's lack of hair!

Yo Mama so Hairy

Yo mama's possibly part gorilla with all that hair! See what frightening creature she was mistaken for this time!
Yo mama's so hairy jokes

Yo mama's so skinny jokes

Yo Mama so Skinny

Yo mama might just slip through the cracks! Find out how thin yo mama is!

Yo Mama Jokes

There's so much more to say about yo mama that we had to fit it elsewhere. Learn how greasy, flat, wrinkled, and lazy yo mama is!